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Need to create forms for complex workflows quickly and easily? Then we’d recommend Monday Webforms Standard Edition. This version is available for use with CoreMedia Studio and FirstSpirit ContentCreator. The Form Manager integrates tightly with your existing content management system to provide you with a smooth and seamless upgrade to your customer communications.

Form Manager CoreMedia & FirstSpirit

Good reasons

Why it makes sense to use the Standard Edition

Multi-page forms

Want to make it easy for your customers to find products, respond to surveys or navigate complex workflows? Multi-page HTML forms are the answer. And they’re truly easy to create with the Standard Edition of Monday Webforms. Use the intuitive interface to create multi-page and branching forms.

Make the form fit the customer

With multi-page forms, ensuring customers actually make it to the submit button can be a problem. Unless, of course, you’re using Monday Webforms Standard Edition. You can set up conditions and rules to hide irrelevant form fields, and use calculated values to get the results you need without user input. Customers only see the fields and pages that make sense for them.

Automate your engagement

Monday Webforms offers you a range of submit actions to automate your customer communications. In the Standard Edition, you can also set up a sequence that utilises multiple actions. Once your customer has submitted the form, the relevant submit actions are executed one after another. For an event registration form, for example, the sequence could be as follows. When ‘Submit’ is clicked, a confirmation message is shown in the browser. The form author also receives an email with the customer’s registration details, which can also be sent to the customer. If you’re using the Webforms Analytics add-on, you can also have the data forwarded to this tool for further analysis.

Want to take things further?

If you want to ensure continuous optimisation of your forms, you should take a look at Monday Webforms Advanced Edition. The Webforms Analytics add-on included in this edition offers you visualisations and reports to help you create the ultimate customer experience.

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    Want to take things further?

    Monday Webforms Advanced Edition lets you create the ultimate, one-of-a-kind customer experience. Use Webforms Analytics to ensure the continuous optimisation of your forms.


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