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Looking to include a contact form on your website with no bells or whistles? Or perhaps a registration form for your next event? Then we’d recommend Monday Webforms Community Edition. This version is free for use with CoreMedia Studio, FirstSpirit ContentCreator an e-Spirit Cloud. Just fill out the form shown below. We’ll send you your free licence right away, and you’ll be up and running with the Form Manager in no time.

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Good reasons

Who should choose the Community Edition?

One-page forms

Looking to include contact forms, event registration or similar one-page HTML forms in your website? If so, the Monday Webforms Community Edition is the right version for you. Creating one-page forms is both quick and easy. And no programming knowledge is needed.

Key features

The Community Edition includes all of the functions that are essential for creating your one-page forms. Real-time validation offers a helping hand when adding new form fields, providing instant feedback about any information that is missing. You can also automate your customer communication with the mail action or have form data saved into an Excel file.

An easy upgrade path

You can get started with the Community Edition free of charge. If you decide that you need more functionality or support from our Customer Care team at a later point in time, you can upgrade to another version whenever you want.

Want to take things further?

If you want conditions and rules to automate your customer communication or need to create multi-page forms, you should take a look at either the Standard or the Advanced Edition. Both of these versions also come with customer support provided by our Customer Care team.

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Our Customer Care will be in contact as soon as possible to send you your licence for the Monday Webforms Community Edition. No further charges will apply.

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    Want to take things further?

    Do you need a form manager that’s capable of creating multi-page forms? If so, you should take a look at our Standard Edition. This version offers you all the functionality you need to map complex workflows to your web forms.


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