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Want to get presentation-quality reports on your form and keep it optimised?  Then you need Monday Webforms Advanced Edition. The Webforms Analytics add-on included with this edition offers you plenty of filtering options while providing you with detailed form data reports and attractive visualisations. You can pinpoint the exact places in your form that need improving and be sure that the changes you make will have the right effect. Create a unique customer experience with Monday Webforms Advanced Edition.

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Good reasons

Why it makes sense to use the Advanced Edition

Double is better than trouble

The double-opt-in feature protects you and your customers alike: stay on the right side of data protection legislation while also guarding against form-generated spam. Although a double-opt-in solution is now mandatory for newsletter subscriptions, obtaining customer consent to be contacted by your sales staff may also be required. Webforms Analytics also offers you functionality to ensure compliance with the EU GDPR—such as the automated deletion and anonymisation of customer data.

Secure data collection

The Webforms Analytics add-on offers you the option of having your form data presented in appealing, user-friendly visualisations. Nor is this data ever shared with a third-party system but always stored only on your own server.

Slice and dice your data

Webforms Analytics offers you plenty of filtering options to organise and report on all of your form data. Pick the data you need for inclusion in easy-to-read reports and presentation graphics.

A one-of-a-kind customer experience

Before you can turn your web presence into a unique experience, you need to understand your customers. Webforms Analytics provides you with the reports and charts you need to identify the potential for optimisation. Once you see your forms as your customers see them, you can meet their needs and create a unique customer experience.

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