Monday Webforms

Find the Webforms that works for you

Which Webforms is right for you?

Monday Webforms packs in a lot of different features. Which version is the right one for you? Use the Community Edition for simple forms, the Standard Edition for creating more complex workflows or the Advanced Edition to ensure the continuous optimisation of your customer experience. Your decision—our support.

One product – three editions

A huge range of Features


Integration with  Studio (CoreMedia)

Integration with Site Architect, ContentCreator and Cloud (FirstSpirit)

Standard HTML form elements


Server-side validation

Personalized default values

Dynamic dropdown lists


Excel action

Mail action

Redirect action

Multi-page forms


Calculated values

DataSource action (FirstSpirit)

MediaStore action (FirstSpirit)

PDF action (FirstSpirit)

Sequence action

Double opt-in (DOI)

Extended form input cache


Form data storage

Data display, filtering & processing

Data visualization (details in the FAQs)

User management

LDAP / Active Directory

Tool assistance for GDPR compliance

RabbitMQ connector

Services & more

Trainings  (additional fee) 

Custom Templates

Custom Actions

Customer Care

(additional fee)

Downloads CoreMedia

Downloads FirstSpirit


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+49(0) 40 22 86 842 99