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Segment, monitor and optimize.

Features Webforms Analytics

Webforms Analytics is a powerful tool for form data visualization and analysis. Systematic data analysis is the key to successful customer retention. A choice of reports helps you target form optimization to where it’s most needed. Valuable insights on customer behavior are offered by clear and comprehensive metrics. Maximize the potential in your forms to achieve continuous improvements to user satisfaction.

Segment and organize your data

Webforms Analytics lets you filter, sort and export all of your form data to match your exact needs. Build up an individual data view by concentrating on the most important data points.

Any field and various metadata can be shown or hidden with a single click.Targeted filters can be used to refine the granularity of your data analysis. Once complete, the view you have configured for your dataset can then be shared with a link.

Segmentation with Monday Webforms Analytics
Monitor with Monday Webforms Analytics

Monitor the behavior of your customers

Comprehensive metrics give you insights into user behavior. Key figures about your forms can be accessed at any time. Discover the length of time required to fill out a form and when your user started the form completion process. Form efficiency is also clearly reflected by figures for conversion and bounce rates.

Form versions can be compared, letting you check the impact of various changes.Intelligent, interactive charts are used to visualize a wide range of key figures. Page statistics are collected anonymously and made available continuously.

Learn valuable lessons from input errors and continuously improve your performance

Error analysis helps you to identify cause and effect, enabling you to make lasting improvements to your forms and design them for maximum usability. Use the reports provided to identify pages with the longest completion times and flag potential sources of error.

User-friendly forms increase the completion rate and increase user satisfaction. Optimizing customer interaction means understanding customer behavior.

Optimization with Monday Webforms Analytics


The new Webforms Analytics release is the result of comprehensive customer surveys and extensive, in-depth testing. Our consultants look forward to hearing from you –and will be happy to give you a personal demonstration of the new Webforms Analytics.

We look forward to hearing from you!