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A unique customer experience with Monday Webforms

More than just a form

Achieving a unique customer experience really can be so simple. Enhance your internet presence with professional HTML forms—with Monday Webforms. Form management involves much more than creating simple contact forms. Product finders, trend indicators and event registrations, for example, all require the use of complex workflows. With Monday Webforms, clunky input screens are transformed into one-of-a-kind customer touchpoints.

Good reasons

Why you’ll love using Monday Webforms

Easy to learn

Monday Webforms is built into your familiar editing interfaces. You can open the Form Manager from within CoreMedia Studio or the FirstSpirit ContentCreator directly. Thanks to the same browser-based look-and-feel, creating new forms is easy and intuitive. Real-time data validators also help you to get the right results without wasting time.

Straightforward to use

While developing Monday Webforms, our goal was to provide all of the functionality you need in an easy-to-use package. Since then, we’ve continued to optimise design and usability to keep form management as easy as possible. As just one example, you can drag new fields and functions to where you want to use them, and then drop them into place.

Wide range of features

As well as providing you with all of the familiar kinds of standard form fields and functions, Monday Webforms also makes life simpler with calculated values, conditional branching and rules. By linking your form fields together, you can hide anything that’s not relevant or skip entire pages in your form. Your form can adapt to the future needs of your customers while also keeping the complexity of your underlying workflows out of sight.

Webforms – features at a glance

Webforms is a powerful form manager that offers plenty of tools designed to enhance and expand your successful customer communication. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Monday Webforms Advanced

Identify and exploit the full potential of your data

Offer a unique customer experience

In der Advanced Edition von Monday Webforms stellen wir Ihnen ein weiteres mächtiges Werkzeug zur Verfügung: Webforms Analytics. Es dient der Auswertung und Illustration Ihrer Formulardaten. Dank verschiedener Reports können Sie Formulare nun gezielt optimieren. Wertvolle Informationen zum Kundenverhalten werden in umfassenden Metriken verdeutlicht. Nutzen Sie das Potenzial, um Ihre Formulare und damit die Nutzerzufriedenheit kontinuierlich zu verbessern, denn die konsequente Datenauswertung ist ein Erfolgsrezept für Kundenbindung.

Features Webforms Analytics

This is how

Webforms Analytics simplifies your workflows

Secure form data processing

Most important of all: your data is never shared with third-party systems. Webforms Analytics only ever processes your customer data in the infrastructure that you specify yourself. Organising and evaluating your form data couldn’t be easier, thanks to the wide range of filtering options provided.

Targeted optimisation

Monday Webforms Advanced Edition shows you what you need to know. Thanks to the attractively presented sets of charts and diagrams, you can make your adjustments right where they’re most needed. Use the Analytics section to identify the form field that’s increasing your bounce rate or the questions where customers tend to have the most problems. Help yourself by helping your users, and optimise your customer experience as part of a continuous and ongoing process.

Webforms Analytics – find out more

Take a closer look at Analytics and discover the power of optimisation.


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