Professional form management

Easy, reliable and intuitive.

Looking for a flexible and powerful tool for HTML forms? Don’t waste your valuable time – simply choose the leading form manager for CoreMedia and FirstSpirit. Form management with Monday Webforms integrates seamlessly with your existing system to create a digital channel to your customers.

Why choose Webforms?

Define processes

Monday Webforms not only provides many useful features out of the box, but is also designed to be flexible and customizable to your individual requirements.

Flexible design

Monday Webforms adapts to your design and offers a wide range of options for responding quickly and easily to new layout requirements. Forms are displayed to your exact specifications.

Analyze user behavior

Webforms Analytics offers you relevant insights into user behavior patterns and supplies you with the data you need to optimize your forms.

Master complexity

Monday Webforms makes light work of multi-page forms, conditional branching and managing default field values. This helps to optimize your forms and make things easier for your users.

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Identify and exploit the full potential of your data with Webforms Analytics.

Intuitive to use

Form management made easy. No knowledge of coding is required in order to integrate our forms. Your editors can learn the ropes quickly, and real-time form validation is provided to accelerate your workflow and optimize your processes.

Webforms – intuitive to use

Webforms – easy to learn

Short Time-to-Market

Webforms guarantees you high-quality data and high conversion rates. Very short publication times and a considerable simplification of your customer service markedly improve interaction and customer loyalty.

Webforms – easy to learn

Reliable data processing

Webforms Analytics visualizes complex HTML form data simply and clearly. Input assistance helps users complete forms and reduces bounce rates. Security checks create customer confidence. Learn more about the new standard in user friendliness for your customers. We also take great care to protect personal data: user data is not routed via a third-party tool but directly integrated into your infrastructure.

Webforms – reliable data storage

Webforms in detail

Webforms is a powerful form manager offering a wide range of features designed to enhance your customer communication and interaction activities. We tailor Webforms to your requirements and integrate it seamlessly into your existing CMS so as to significantly expand its functionality.